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This page is dedicated to Debi Alfonsi (Aka Red) and Christina Lazzano

I'm a better friend and woman for having known these ladies !

Debi was the first one of my friends to fall in love with HandBags of Hope. She jumped right in working to create this beautiful organization. After a long fight with breast cancer Debi passed away on Jan. 2nd. She simply feel asleep . I was very blessed to have her friendship for 20 years and happy to have shared this with her.



Christina Lazzano , owner of Big Top Popcorn in Eastpointe. Chris was 33 years old but had lived a full life. Her life was always a journey be it good , bad , hard or easy. Her faith in God never swayed. She was full of life and discovered her nitch with Popcorn . As the senator said " turning it into Gold ". People immediatly loved her and the popcorn. I met Chris thru our community and networking meetings at her cafe. After one meeting I stayed behind and our friendship was developed. Although we had 16 years between us we shared similiar life events , as she said kindered spirits  She was excited about HOH and we were planning on events , I loved helping her out selling popcorn at area venues.  Chris always said "To  Live  is to Dream " and I'll do my best to keep her dream alive along with her sister ZanYe.



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