HandBags of Hope.org 

Empowering Women 1 Handbag at a Time....  

When I started HandBags of Hope 12 years ago I knew I wanted to assist some way in Empowering women in an abusive relationship. A handbag is one of a women's most personal of possessions. We quickly learned how valuable and appreciated our handbags were to the programs and shelters. In 10 years 20,000+ filled purses have been gifted. We were accomplishing our goal. In this time we discovered what was missing in our shelters and programs too. I also discovered how little D.V. is spoken about and set out to change it. Speaking to groups, conferences and talking it directly to the public thru vendor shows, festivals and churches. We've watched women take information for help and hugged many survivors. I've been approached after speaking to be told," I grew up in a house just like that." Believe me when I say I've taken some heat for saying things that others around me never knew about my father.
2016 has been a year of change. My partner in the organization took a position in SC and I couldn't be happier for her. Our building is now empty and I've moved the organization back home.  We honestly did such a good job at  Filling Purses with necessities that many other groups have started to do the same. Handbags of Hope was adopted in other states spreading the empowerment. With that being said please see our What's in the Bag News page for changes taking place in 2017. I look forward to your continued support as we make this adjustments and become a stronger Voice in Breaking the Silence.

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